Worlds most Advanced Golf Instruction Technology comes to Canada

Posted by Kara Wood - April 10, 2014

Canadian Corporate Event Planner Lori Heller is happy to announce that the RoboGolfPro has arrived and is Located at the Glen Abbey Golf Academy, Oakville, Ontario.

The RoboGolfPro has come to Canada and is located at the prestigious Clublink Glen Abbey Golf Course. The RoboGolfPro was brought to Canada by Lori Heller of Heller Productions Inc. Lori had the pleasure of working with the RoboGolfPro, and it’s CEO and Founder Scot W R Nei while at a Corporate Golf Event in Pebble Beach. It was at the Legendary Golf Course that Lori saw first hand the impression that the RoboGolfPro left on the very discerning corporate clients and golfers. The instructors and students were incredibly pleased with the change in their swing and game. Lori knew at that moment; the next step was to organize to bring one to Canada.

The RoboGolfPro

The RoboGolfPro is the most advanced training tool in golf instruction today. The RoboGolfPro robot system lets the instructor show you, the golfer, the perfect ergonomic, and physically correct golf swing for your ability and physique. The RoboGolfPro has been implemented in some of the top training facilities in the United States, Pebble Beach Teaching Academy, Del Mar Golf and Country Club, as well as Seattle’s Red Bird Sports. Just to name a few. There has been a strong support for the teaching aid, and we are pleased to announce that The Glen Abbey Golf Club now has the first one in Canada.

The Location

The Glen Abbey Golf Club is available for public golfers as well as ClubLink Members. Located in the beautiful Oakville, this golf club has been a grand stage for golf history since opening more than 30 Years ago. The Glen Abbey is also home to the Academies of ClubLink, the Headquarters of Golf Canada, the Canadian Golf Museum and Hall of Fame, and the TaylorMade Performances Lab that made it the perfect choice to implement the first ever RoboGolfPro Robot and Program in Canada.

The Instructors

Scot W.R. Nei is the CEO and President of TourBound Golf, Inc., as well as the Golf Instructor who brought the RoboGolfPro to North America. He has achieved great success in golf as a tour player, teacher, designer and communicator. He is regarded as one of the most innovated instructors and is willing to do whatever it takes to help students achieve their golfing goals and dreams. When he is in Canada, Scot will be training the academy instructors so that they are certified RoboGolfPro instructors.

Sean Casey is the Director of Instruction at Glen Abbey and is also Head Coach for the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) National Teams. Sean has trained and worked with Sean Foley. In 2011, Golf Digest named Sean as one of the top four prominent teachers in Canada. In 2009, he was honored as the “Teacher of the Year” by both the PGA of Ontario and Canada.

David Brisson is a certified RoboGolfPro Teaching professional and will be working with the Instructors and their students at the Glen Abbey Golf Academy. David has many years of golf industry experience as a CPGA professional working at Magna Golf Club, King Valley and Donalda Golf Club.

Ben Ferguson is a Teaching Professional at the Glen Abbey Golf Academy and will be a Certified RoboGolfPro instructor. Ben was a PGA tour player and had extensive experience with competitive golf at the highest level. Ben has been evolving from playing full time professional golf to instructing players from beginner levels to more advanced.


The RoboGolfPro can be set to suit to any level of learning. From PGA tour player to first time golfer.

Testimonial of New Golfer testing out the RoboGolfPro

Molly Hidi’s is a first time golfer. Here is what she had to say about the RoboGolfPro

“The RoboGolfPro is amazing. It moves the club into any position the instructor tells it to. All I had to do was grip the club and focus on the feeling. Not only did it feel incredibly natural, but after only a short time on the RoboGolfPro, I increased the speed and noticed myself carrying the proper habits through every swing. My instructor walked me each step and was very knowledgeable. Each part of my swing was analyzed, and I could feel the robot positioning me, so that I could feel that “perfect swing”.


To find out more information on the RoboGolfPro – Please Visit

How to Book – Contact Adam Faletta at or 905-844-1902.

For more information about RoboGolfPro and special events, please contact Lori Heller at or 416-432-7019

Offered exclusively in Canada at Glen Abbey Golf Academy
Masters Week Special

Book a demo between April 7-13th for the month of April and save $100 on an exclusive offer of
Three RoboGolfPro lessons for $500
Introductory demo rates start at $50/30 minutes  And $100/60 minutes

Demos only available from April 14-30th

RoboGolfPro Package Pricing as of May 1, 2014

All lessons include a certified RoboGolfPro Instructor for 60 minutes and video swing analysis
Single Lesson: $200
Five Lessons: $900 ($180/lesson)
Ten Lessons: $1600 ($160/lesson)
*All packages must be paid in full at time of booking

Lesson Upgrades with RoboGolfPro
If you wish to experience the robot with your current scheduled lessons, there will be an additional
charge of $100 per hour

Molly on the RoboGolfPro at the Glen Abbey Golf Academy

Molly on the RoboGolfPro at the Glen Abbey Golf Academy

Molly on Robot 3

Molly on Robot 4

Molly on Robot