The Bay Street crowd attending this annual event is accustomed to simply the best. They are not an easy audience to impress. Yet, year after year, we do just that.

The Vinifera Awards and Dinner Gala raises awareness and funds for Women in Capital Markets and the Heather L. Main Scholarship.  The event is held at The Carlu, one of Toronto’s most renowned venues, and pairs fine wine and gourmet cuisine with networking.

Creating a successful annual event requires an understanding of the expectations of the audience, and exceeding them. You have to know the difference between a Chateau Margaux and a Chateau Lestage, the difference between a glass of Riesling and a  glass of Bordeaux glass. We do.

With careful attention to details and a personal touch, we create a memorable event that this audience looks forward to year after year.

Awareness and revenue gains were far beyond what the client anticipated. The event has become a must-attend for the audience, and its popularity continues to grow.

Heller Productions managed the entire event, including everything from ticket sales to auction items to floor plans. Every detail was taken care of with the utmost attention and personal touch Heller is known for.