'Tis the Season: 5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties

Posted by Kara Wood - December 16, 2013

At Heller Events, we know a thing or two about holiday parties. After throwing countless holiday shindigs over the course of many years, we’ve picked up more than a few hints and tips about making it through the festive season in one piece. We wanted to share some of these essential tips with you so you’ll have the jolliest Christmas yet!

  1. Don’t get drunk at your company holiday party.
    You may think that this is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people take advantage of the open bar. The company holiday party usually draws all of the executives and office workers together – many of whom you’ve never really talked to before. You don’t want your CEO to think that you’re a hot mess after a few too many glasses of wine. You may be off of the clock, but the memory of you making out with a colleague or starting an argument with that jerk in marketing will leave a lasting impression on senior staff members. A drink every hour is a good measure of how much you should drink. But it really depends on your tolerance, which in that case, less is best. Nurse that glass of wine… no one will notice and you’ll still look like you’re in the holiday spirit.
  2. Moderation is key when it comes to food.
    Of course, everyone expects to put off their diet until January 1st, but that doesn’t mean you should gorge at the buffet. You want those holiday outfits to fit until after the season is over. Besides, eating all that rich and sugary food can wreak havoc on your digestive and immune system. You’ll be feeling ill while everyone else is having a great time. Keep your portions reasonable and only hit the buffet table once. As well, don’t fill up on hor d’oeuvres before the main course arrives – you don’t want to ruin your appetite!
  3. Don’t cram too many parties into your schedule.
    We all know that over the holidays, it’s customary to see loved ones and friends you wouldn’t normally see during the course of the year. The trouble is when you try to fit in too many parties in a short amount of time. Don’t be surprised if you burn out or don’t spend as much time with the people you really want to spend time with. Before you confirm your attendance, ask yourself what else you have going on this week or if it will conflict with a function you really want to attend. If you can’t make if, let the host know you can’t attend due to previous engagements, thank them for the invite and ask if you can get together in the new year for a coffee or a drink to catch up.
  4. Hire some help.
    If you’ve got family, friends and coworkers (along with their +1s) coming over for a party at your house, are you equipped to handle it? There’s a lot to take care of in a short amount of time. And there are always things you overlook, plus all of the prep work beforehand. Sit down well ahead of the date and be realistic. Perhaps you’re just too busy with work and other priorities to put on a professional and unforgettable holiday party. That’s when you should call in the pros. At Heller Events, we take care of everything – from the smallest details to the big reveals in order to ensure your party has people talking for many holidays to come.
  5. Leave some time for yourself.
    To make it through the holidays unscathed, you’ll need to book in a little you time. Maybe this means going to the gym, heading to yoga or booking a massage. Whatever it is you need to unwind, make sure that you find the time to take a deep breath, relax and give yourself the gift of you-time.