RoboGolfPro, the revolutionary Robotic Swing Trainer. It is the most advanced golf swing teaching tool available today. What would take hours in conversation, practice, and video analysis can be improved upon in just one lesson. It gives the student the “feel” of a perfect swing immediately. The RoboGolfPro Robotic Swing Trainer puts the student on the perfect swing plane based on physics and the students unique physique, fitness level and flexibility. While holding onto your club the robot guides you through the corrected swing each time a little faster. It gives your brain a roadmap of the perfect swing, on the exact path building muscle memory. It does this perfectly, and repeatedly. There is no ambiguity when using the RoboGolfPro.


  • Shorter learning curve
  • Build muscle memory
  • Break bad habits
  • Watch video of progress
  • Feel it. See it. Improve

Robotic Swing Trainer locations:

  • TourBound Golf Academy, Chicago
  • 2013 TourBound Seattle
  • Pebble Beach Golf Resort, CA
  • Del Mar CC, CA
  • 2013 TourBound Canada