Plan an Event for Bottom Line Results!

Posted by Kara Wood - August 21, 2014
Corporate Event Management with Heller Productions Inc.

Corporate Event Management with Heller Productions Inc.

Combining corporate events with team building exercises can be great fun, but the days of frivolous corporate spending are gone. Today’s corporations want to do the right thing for their businesses. They want to know that the focus of the event will positively affect employee engagement and ultimately boost the bottom line. Here are some ideas to help you get the most out of your next event.

• Select a professional speaker with relevant subject matter expertise. If your event is out of town, you will want to draw from a pool of speakers who live near the venue to save money.
• Don’t make people sit all day! One of the toughest things you can ask people to do is sit for hours on end. Even when people are engaged in tasks that work the brain, it is hard to just stay in one place. Schedule frequent breaks and make sure you combine fun physical activities with sitting activities.
• Offer training sessions to enhance your team’s leadership skills and give your support employees the chance to learn how to manage upward and across the organization. Employee engagement is all about effective leadership. Support your people in being better at both leading and following.
• Go somewhere nice. Give your employees the chance to enjoy beautiful surroundings. Take them to a place they may not otherwise go. Pebble Beach, for example, will give you beautiful weather any time of year and gorgeous surroundings. Making your employees feel special and showing that you value their contributions to the company increases employee engagement. Doing this will help solidify your team’s commitment to achieving your company’s objectives.
• Get out and play! If you are going somewhere nice, then make sure you provide your employees with plenty of opportunities to enjoy their surroundings. Golf is an activity most people can participate in and allows everyone to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. It’s also a great team building activity. Building a cohesive team means you will reduce employee turnover and save your company money. A friendly “best ball” tournament after some time on the RoboGolfPro at Pebble Beach Resorts will get everyone having fun together!
• Don’t fret over arrangements! The team at Heller Productions works with a variety of companies to help them host spectacular corporate events, and golf is our specialty! We will look after all of the details for you so that while you are doing what you do best, we are working behind the scenes ensuring everything goes perfectly!