Feeding Children Everywhere

Posted by Laura MacNicol - June 26, 2015


Last week Heller had the privilege of working with an amazing organization! Feeding Children Everywhere empowers and mobilizes people in their mission to feed hungry children healthy and nutritional meals. Following a conference with a valued client, the approximate 900 attendees took part in one of Feeding Children Everywhere’s Hunger Projects. A Hunger Project is when a group of volunteers gather as teams in an ‘assembly line’ setting to hand-package hearty and healthy lentil casserole meals, working with high quality locally sourced produce. Although we performed this activity with a large corporate group, the organization advocates that all it takes is an enthusiastic group of volunteers, ranging in size from 12 to 1,000 people, who are passionate about making a difference in the fight against hunger.

While the activity was taking place, some members of the Heller team had the opportunity to speak with Jarrod Fucci, who was there to oversee the day’s events. As the VP of Development at Feeding Children Everywhere, Jarrod has been there since the start of the charity. Listening to him speak about the program’s growth and success, his passion for the project and the cause was undeniable. Jarrod told us that although they currently focus solely on dinner, producing the lentil casserole meal, he hopes that in the future they can expand to providing nutritional breakfast and lunch meals as well. With how quickly the organization has grown so far, this is surely an attainable goal. Since the inauguration of the charity, Feeding Children Everywhere have shipped over 20 million meals around the globe, to four different continents, with 10 million in the US alone through their Local Love project.

Through the help of dedicated volunteers, or what the staff at Feeding Children Everywhere call ‘hunger heroes’, the charity is making a true difference. In the two-hour program last week, the 900 hunger heroes managed to pack enough meals to feed 122,500 hungry children! It was an amazing and rewarding day for all, and an event that Heller is proud to have been a part of.

Feeding Children Everywhere is just one example of the team building exercises we can offer at your next conference. To learn more about the creative opportunities available to you and your group, contact the Heller Productions Inc team at 416-483-8333.

Together, We are Feeding Children Everywhere